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  • Results within 24 hours (some conditions apply).

  • Nasopharyngeal or anterior nares sampling.

  • Tests approved by Heath Canada.

  • Receipt for insurance included (check with your insurer for screening coverage).

  • Official Attestation of results.

  • Valid for International travel (please contact your travel destination to confirm the type of test result you need).

  • No prescription required



  • Results within 15 minutes

  • Tests approved by Health Canada

  • Receipt for insurance included (please check with your insurer for screening coverage)

  • Official attestation of results

  • Valid for all travels requiring this test (only approved by some countries; please contact your travel destination to confirm the type of test result you need).

  • No prescription required



Covid testing has never been easier.


Avoid long waits, crowded places & cranky kids! Let us come to you….


With rapid results right in your living room you can get the answers you need to continue your day. Or maybe you are planning a trip? Check covid testing off your list and rest assured that our professional and competent staff will help get you the documents you need for a pleasant travel experience. 

We provide a completely convenient and hassle-free experience with the most gentle, compassionate and friendly team. 

  • Do you have symptoms of COVID-19? 

  • Do you prefer avoiding long crowded lines? 

  • Travelling soon? 

  • Are you a caregiver? 

  • Do you have a business that needs regular testing for your employees? 

  • Do you want peace of mind? 


Get tested by one of our trained health care practitioners without leaving the comfort of your home. 


*Remember to please contact your travel destination to confirm the type of Covid-19 test you need.

Blood Tests

Why waste your precious time waiting in a crowded lab or risk feeling lightheaded in a clinic if you are fasting while waiting for a blood test? Blood tests are vital in measuring your health. Have your blood drawn in the comfort, safety and privacy of your home or workplace. No crowds. No waiting. We work with privately recognized and accredited leading medical analysis laboratories to ensure the reliability of your laboratory tests. Your test results are quickly forwarded to you and your doctor in a timely manner to ensure the quickest needed intervention. 


Here’s how it works: 

1. You send your blood test requisition via email to: 

2. We call you within 24h to 48h with your free quote and to schedule your appointment 

3. The nurse comes to the location of your choice and collects the specimens 

4. When choosing a private lab to process the sample you and your prescribing physician will receive your results via email. If you choose to use a public lab your doctor will be sent the results and organize a follow up with you. It’s that simple 


*Prices vary based on prescription and location.


Please contact us for inquiries 



Also known as electrocardiograms

An electrocardiogram or EKG is a test that looks at the electrical activity of your heart. In a painless moment a nurse can capture this activity by placing some wires on your chest. These results are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to your overall health. It can catch underlying conditions you never knew you had, irregular rhythms and other unusual activity.


At Santé Beacon Health Care we don’t stop there. We have a highly trained cardiologist interpret your results and then send a copy to you and your doctor. EKGs are most often done in hospitals, clinics or a doctor’s office. When doing an EKG in the comfort of your home,  you can eliminate the stress of being outside of your comfort zone. This allows us to capture a more precise reading of what’s going on in your heart. Our professional team comes to you with state of the art, tested equipment to ensure accuracy and ease.


STREP TEST (with or without requisition)

With Kids heading back to school, infections like Strep are typically on the rise. If you suspect your child or you have strep, let us conveniently come to your home to conduct a test. We offer two tests all done on the same specimen. The laboratory will conduct a rapid Strep A test on the specimen. If the result is positive we call you immediately and ask that you follow your doctor’s recommendations. If the test is negative we pride ourselves on being thorough. The lab will continue to run a test on the specimen to check more extensively what could be causing you to feel unwell. Within 24 hours you will have your answers and hopefully be on the road to recovery.



Collecting Urine samples can be an intimidating process, especially for kids! Let us remove the burden of waiting in a crowded lab or clinic - and the pressure of knowing you need to be ready to leave a sample at that exact moment! Instead, let us manage this on your terms, from the comfort of your own home, with our compassionate experienced team of professionals. 

If you’ve been experiencing stomach problems or simply need a full health evaluation, your doctor might order a stool sample. No need to risk embarrassment while returning to the 

lab with your specimen or fear of the whole process. We explain the process from beginning to end to ensure a good specimen and accurate results. Stool can offer some insight into your general state of health and even give suggestions for further follow ups depending on results. Don’t avoid the daunting task. Let us simplify it for you and get you right back on track.



Pre-Op and Post Operative Services 

Planning a surgery can be very stressful. Together we can pre-plan your post-operative care to help ease any unsettling feelings you may have. Pain management, dressing wounds, suture removal and other post-operative care needs are all services an at-home nurse can help with. If your goal is to minimize your time at the hospital it may be time to consider Sante Beacon Health. We are fully qualified to take care of you in the comfort of your own home. 

Prior to your surgery we will consult with you to discuss your post-operative care needs. We want to make this time as stress-free as possible, and for you to feel comfortable 

with our professional team addressing your needs. Recovering in your own home under our medical care is the perfect option for post-operative recovery, offering you the privacy, attention, and comfort you are seeking. 

We can attend to all basic post-operative needs including pain management, dressing changes, suture removal, wound care, managing medications, and carrying out any of your doctor’s instructions. Our licensed team are extensively trained in post-operative care – including providing companionship during this difficult time. 



Home Care 

Caring for a senior or elderly parent can be emotionally taxing. Your family member may be uncomfortable and may need emotional support and help doing the simplest activities. We welcome interactions with family members or other caregivers to help teach them how to care for their loved ones needs. Let Santé Beacon Health Care provide the peace of mind for both you and your family needs

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