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Nurse Talking to Patient


We aim to simplify your life by bringing healthcare to the comfort of your home or location of your choice.

Our competent and empathetic team of professionals offers you and your family a best-in-class patient experience. 

We make your health our number one priority. No need to make a detour, Santé Beacon Health Care comes to you. 

Checking Blood Pressure

Choosing Santé Beacon

Health Care means: 

  •  Convenient scheduling

  •  Time-saving 

  •  Comfort and Safety 

  •  No parking fees 

  •  Professional team

  •  Compassionate Care

  •  Quality Service

  •  Stress-free 

Santé Beacon Health Care offers at home health services. 

We believe that prioritizing your health should be easy and convenient. With one quick phone call you will be on your way to health.


We offer a variety of services and continue to grow our repertoire to best serve you.


No need to wait in a crowded waiting room, leave the comfort of your home or have to take a day off work; we offer at home healthcare including blood tests, EKGs, Strep testing, Covid-19 tests, Post-op care and much more. Our passionate team is available when and where you need them.

We strive to be your Beacon to health!

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