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Why waste your precious time waiting in a crowded lab or risk feeling lightheaded in a clinic if you are fasting while waiting for a blood test? Have your blood drawn in the comfort, safety and privacy of your home or workplace. No crowds. No waiting. 

Preparing for Blood Test

Blood tests are vital in measuring your health. We work with privately recognized and accredited leading medical analysis laboratories to ensure the reliability of your laboratory tests. Your test results are quickly forwarded to you and your doctor in a timely manner to ensure the quickest needed intervention. 


Here’s how it works: 

1. You send your blood test requisition via email to: 

2. We call you within 24h to 48h with your free quote and to schedule your appointment 

3. The nurse comes to the location of your choice and collects the specimens 

4. When choosing a private lab to process the sample you and your prescribing physician will receive your results via email. If you choose to use a public lab your doctor will be sent the results and organize a follow up with you. It’s that simple 


*Prices vary based on prescription and location.

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